Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tell me this is not the cutest baby EVER?!?!
Tell me this little one is not going to give Jen a run for her money?
He will pull her hair out and break her heart.
He has lots to say dont you think??
Big kisses from Auntie Tammy to Jake the Snake.Love ya :)

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Jenn said...

It's the absolute funniest and cutest picture ever for a one day old. I mean WHAT is going through his little brain? "Mamma whatchoo talkin bout?" Such a wise little guy with such thought in his eyes. Not only even in this picture---in real life, in other shots..

He IS going to give me a run for my money. So did (is) his big brother..what else should I expect? Their BOYS! Derek and Joseph in their adventursome ways and Noah in his ways and soon to be Jake the Snake in his ways. I gave him his first bath at home today (probably should have sooner) and he cried the whole time. Lucas and Noah--never cried. My first clue; this child will bring different things. He looks like buddy hackett to me. Sure does. check out that facial expression.
crazy wild times, here we come. Noah already thinks he's Jim Carry and now this one looks like buddy hackett. What a combo.