Friday, August 12, 2005

Speak my child!

When will this boy speak?
I mean really talk.
I just read thru a packet from the county based on their assesstments he's in the 7 percentile and they are not providing any additional services. But if you read the criteria they base the ranking he is not anywhere near the percentile they put him in. So I call them cuz that's what I do I call I write and they said the initial assessment is all they go on because he has had a stroke and it's considered a soley low disability. Meaning when you have stroke the affected area does not get worse. Doesnt get better, doesnt get worse. That part of the brain is dead and it doesnt come back to life and it doesnt cause any other parts of your brain to die. So the diablities wont get any worse than what you have immediatly following the stroke unless you have another one I just cant go THERE.
He was 14 months old we didn't know what the full range of his disabilities were at that time! Too bad so sad. Tough cookies.
So last night after I put the damn night splint on his chubby arm and strapped it nice and tight for the night Dominic said "well he ever really talk" I just could not muster the cheerleader in me like I always do.
Maybe he'll be a writer. He'll "speak" in his own way, just like he does everything else.

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val said...

I have some info I think will encourage you from Eileen's sister just now. I will email it to you.