Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Those 3 little words...

Aunt Sue I am sorry I gotta go here.
Ok you all know when you start dating someone the big issue is those 3 magic words. It's awkward, it's weird. I have a story but I dont feel like going there. When I started going out with guys my mom always asked me how I felt about them. Most of them I was just having fun with. Then she would ask me if I kissed them etc. YIKES!!! MOM!!! Insert eye roll!
When I started dating Dominic she said she just knew and didnt have to ask. And she never did and here we are 15 years later and I think if we ever divorced they would keep him and the boys and send me on my way.
So last night my mom said a conversation came up that a new couple that just started dating was asked by someone if those 3 magic words have been said yet.
Derek wanted to know what those words were so Dominic and I had BIG fun making up our own list.... here it is... TA DA!
Try to figure out which where mine and which were his.

The obvious of course
I love you. ( I think Derek was gonna gag! Which made Joseph do fake coughing. I got a few years to work on my Casanovas)

The fun ones
Gas my car
Wheres the remote?
Is it in?
Is that it?
Paper or plastic?
Your feet stink
Your butt's big
Are those real?
Your family's crazy!
Your moms hot!
Lets be friends

I remember one time when Dom and I had started dating I could not for the life of me recall Oprah's boyfriend name. It had bothered me all day. So later the evening he was hugging and kissing me and it came to me and I called out STEADMEN!!! It was a shock. Fast forward this weekend we were packing to go to the cabin and I had a millon things on my mind and Dom always tries to take me aside give me a hug and a kiss and get me to stop and think. It never works but he tries. So he's hugging me and I say "BEN GAY!" I didnt want to forget to pack it for Derek.
Anyway, I need some coffee and some sleep. Gotta dash.
Gotta any magic words for me? Leave them in the comments.

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