Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cold Stone

So I wrote a letter to cold stone to let them know how unhappy I was that they took cake batter ice cream away.

Yesterday I got a very nice letter in the mail apologizing and saying that they were working on bringing it back!!! Yeah! Plus they gave me a nice coupon for a free LOVE it size. WOW.

Dominic just laughs at me. I write the letters man. And sometimes, sometimes, I get a nice response. He wrote a letter to M&M Mars asking why he cant find Mars bars anymore and he hasnt heard a thing.

So Cold Stone fans dont worry Birthday Cake remix is coming back! You're welcome!:)


Pappy said...

Sources inside the company tell me the reason they took it away was because the ice cream appealed to a homosexual market, and the store wanted to keep a family friendly atmosphere.

Mackin with Pappy

val said...

I was told that the recipe contained actual cake batter with actual raw eggs. I guess somebody got sick or complained or something and they are having to formulate an eggless recipe right now. I heard this probably 500th hand, but it sounds logical.

John said...

I heard that one of the spices in the cake mix contained a neurotoxin which was causing people to strip down and go online to post drivel within blogs about wild ice cream conspiracy theories while humming the tune I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

val said...

lol....I think John is right.