Tuesday, August 02, 2005

School Shopping

We went school shopping last night. The budget is tight and the weather is still HOT and the fall clothes are out. So we lucked out and got a lot of stuff on SALE SALE SALE. I didnt get the boy much just a few new shirts and some new shoes he needed badly.
Anyway he's had the same backpack since kindergarten. I got it from Lands End and that sucker has lasted. It's a bit faded but in perfect shape but I felt it was time for a new one. So he saw one at Old Navy that is a messanger bag and I showed him how to use it and he thought it was totally cool. Daddy said "are you going to be ok with that?" and Derek was so in to it and then daddy said "it's not a purse is it?" he's so not any sort of Metrosexual let me say THAT!
I think he was not digging it, but it was $12 and Derek liked it how could we not get it? (Remember the backpack incident from earlier in the week?)
Now to rumage thru his stuff and find some pencils and stuff I think he can use.
When he goes to college I get him all new stuff. :)

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