Thursday, September 15, 2005

Are you there God?


val said...

I can definitly say I am a Christian, and brought up in an assembly of God church. I came about my final ideas faith when Nicole joined a fundamentalist church, pretty much a cult. She is out now, but I learned a valuable lesson. I had heard my pastor say it before, but now I believe it. Religion is man made, but God is God and he gave us his word in the bible. It's our guide, sounds pretty easy huh? So I am a bible believer. And I realize much of the bible is symbolic. I still go to an assembly of God church, and I feel very comfortable there, but I would feel comfortable with anybody that believed what God promised us in the bible. So I consider myself a generic Christian. I'd like to be a better one though, that's for sure.

Jen Kirk said...

Funny, what I HERD as a child while wearing my PATENT leather shoes was that Martin Luther did not beak away from Rome because ‘the popes of his time did dishonorable things’ (even tho they did), but because he felt the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church flatly contradicted the Gospel.

Because of the crisis in his OWN relationship with God, he came to feel (after becoming a hermit monk) that the authorities of the Roman Church were leading people away from God. He began to protest the “false teachings” of Rome and call for a Reformation of the Church.

His idea wasn’t to start a new Church, but simply to restore the Catholic Church to its original purity through his ‘rediscovered’ Gospel. He contended that it was not he who had broken away from the Church, but it was the Roman Church who had broken away from the Christian Church.

I know that wasn't the point of your post, just thought you'd like the real scoop on Marty...:)

Tammy G said...
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GOD said...

I'm kinda busy right now. In case you haven't noticed there is alot of shit going on in the world, so quit being so self centered and take a number. SHEESH!