Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Do the Humpty Hump

It's Hump Day! Thank God!
It's been a rough week in the Big G house here. Car repairs, job issues for the man, Joseph busting his lip open twice. Now his lip is all fat and black and blue. Nice. Money woes. You name we have had it. We are heading in to cold and flu and ear infection season and I am scared to death. With questionable health coverage. It totally stinks.

But I heard you had a nice weekend. Thats nice. It always seems to go so well for you but maybe I just dont hear you complain when things are rough on you yet it never seems to be rough for you. Is it really all the charming for you? I am not suppose to be jealous of you. We all have the lives we have yet that came out of the mouth of someone with a very charming life as well. I suppose my staying home with my kids makes it appear that I have a charming life. It's a blessing. But with Joseph's therapy we dont have a choice right now. I work at night and I sleep very little it's a luxury. I am blessed. (insert eye roll)

I just wish for a break. I think sometimes that I do work hard and that is what causes good things maybe I am not working hard enough, maybe I m just exhausted!!!

On a lighter note did you watch Nip Tuck last night? My goodness what a great show! Yummy. So glad the new fall tv season is back even if I get to watch very little of it.
Hope things are charming for you today. Happy Hump Day.

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