Monday, September 19, 2005

Houstin there is a problem!

I wasnt sure what to do or say when it finally happened. I waited so long. We finally have a Speech Pathologist not just a therpist who said that yes there is a speech problem. Yes Joseph should be speaking more and better and yes the area of his brain where the stroke occured does control speech functions.
I was beginning to think I had to go get a medical degree myself.
When she arrived and I gave her all the information she said "Well you have diagnoised this havent you? " and I said yes so help me. She said "How is it that he knows sign language?" "I taught him" she was shocked again. Are their parents out there that wouldnt? Dont answer that.

Where do we go from here? I am not sure. But we can GO someplace now finally. That feels much better than sitting and yelling at these people saying "Oh he's fine" while I wish with all my heart that it was true, it's just sadly not.

There is a moose and a banana slug named Slinkman having lunch. The moose says to the banana slug "For a banana slug you're kind of big" and the banana slug says "Maybe you're just a small moose" and the moose says "Watch yourself Slinkman"
and Derek can do the voice exactly like the moose and it cracks me up. So when someone around here says something slightly offending we say "Watch yourself Slinkman!"
So today when someone says "He Ed maybe this spreadsheet isnt right" say "Watch yourself Slinkman!" and it will crack you up.... or maybe not.

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