Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Make it thru another day

Today Joseph's legs will be casted and he will be fitted for new AFO's (Ankle Foot Orthoditics) and a new brace for his hand that goes up his arm a bit.
In the end it will all be to help him. But today, today wont be easy. The casting is cumbersome, heavy and it gets hot, it's a scary thing when you are little.

But he and I will do it, together just like everything else we do. We face it together.
Try as I might I could swing in to my doom and gloom of it all , I could put a positive bright and sunny spin on it but I am on the fence. . Just take a deep breath and do it. Like Dominic often faces these things it has to be done. What can I do? I can run and hide under any blankets, they always find me, I cant not go he needs this.

Again I say a vacation for all of us sure would be great. But we talked about that and we are at least a year away from any kind of get away. But I think I'll make BIG plans for that. Woo Hoo. But all I have to do is make it thru today.

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