Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And I ran....

We loaded up in the car at 10 am and we just got home and it's almost 2pm. Phew.
So it's done. Joseph was a trooper and did a great job. The real fun is/will be the insurance or lack there of and who is going to pay for this. Groan.
We have no estiment yet so I dont know if we are talking hundreds or thousands of dollar here. Yes he needs them, yes it has to be done, so we will pay if we have to. I am just upset.
So I ran a millon errands the hardware store, the video store, the library, and took my Beef Cake boy to lunch. He picked Baja Fresh he loves that place and he gobbled it down and now he's napping. I have calls to make regarding insurance and library cards for Derek and soccer practice and meatloaf to make and I just want to read my book and chill.
(Why am I here? printing and dowloading froms from California Childrens Services since you asked)
How was your day dear?

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