Thursday, September 29, 2005

Falling out

What would be making my hair fall out?
I just colored it could that be it?
It's coming out in large clumps when I wash it.
Do I have some crazy disease?
Great just what I need. I so do not have time for that ok?


Anonymous said...

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Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a clayton site/blog. It pretty much covers clayton related stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it could be a medical condition or nerves! Did you change haircolor?

val said...

You know my story...thyroid. Hypothyroidism. I also have problems with brittle fingernails, slow reflexes, and tiredness. If you have one or more of these your physician.

Jenn said...

Nerves. Not enough sleep. Take your vitamins and drink lots of milk. Not sure what milk will do but it just sounds good. Doctor I am not...clearly.


John said...

Maybe you should tell your husband to ease up on the hair pulling during "kink" night.

OR maybe.....
Quit your job, get a divorce and put your kids up for adoption. Within a few months you should notice a new found energy along with peace of mind that is topped off with a nice healthy head of hair!

yay for Dr. John!

hey.... wasn't that a 70's band?

and what the hell is up with all of the "spamming" in the comment section? Those people sure do know how to screw up a good thing.