Monday, October 03, 2005

Helpless Children!!!

Maybe I just need more sleep on a regular basis. Or maybe I need to watch more adult televison (oh my) and fewer kiddy shows. Whatever it is I find that these kid shows seem to be making the kids helpless. No one can do a darn thing for or by themselves. Dora needs help reading a map, getting the map, finding this, "Can you help me?" when you are done helping her for half an hour you get to help Joe and Blue find clues and figure out where things go. Why she leaves those darn things all over the place I'll never know. Funny how no one cleans up after they have made a tornado in a bottle. They dont show the tired mommy doing that. Nope they just go off to find more clues. No one drains the pool they needed to float the boats, they off for more clues. It's too much!
I like Lazzy Town but they are starting to sing too much. I like Zoomoobafoo those guys are ... well you know rolling about in dirt and mud or in a pool it's good for a mommy to watch . I think they do something with animals dont they?
It's good to be a helper and help people out. But goodness it's good to learn to do and get things done yourself. So dont ask for any help I am done helping for today. Get it yourself.


Anonymous said...
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val said...

Man I don't like lazy town. That one is weird to me. Dora however, I have learned more Spanish from her than Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Bautista put together...phhaaaah. Anyone that took his class knows what that means.