Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No more words

Who's that girl? Look at all of that hair!!! I was almost a hotty. I wont tell you what size that dress is? That was grad night. Why I wore red I will never know but I got that dress hecka cheap and I loved it! Felt so nice in it. Look at those arms?!?! I worked out twice a day. That was a long time ago for sure. A different life. A different girl almost.

Life feels heavy.
Sick boys. I dont get much sleep as it is add sickness to the mix and it's bad.

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val said...

I decided to comment before a guy with a blog on dental floss put in his ad.
Can I just say...I LOOOOVE the hair! Who can I write to about bringing back 80's hair? Gwen S. had big hair at some thing she wore a pink dress at. I want to do that to my hair.
I don't think I even saw you on Grad night huh? I was so dang sick that night. But being a Fairbanks, I still tried to party Tracy style afterwards. You look great Tam.