Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tropical Storm Baby!

Well I think the words are 'she's not real organized' which for me is just so true. But I have my own Tropical Storm. Gee seems it wasn't THAT long ago I announced that this year I would have my own storm. Well now it's official she has formed. SHE"S ALIVE!
Heading to Florida and parts of the Carolinas. My old stomping grounds of Virginia might see some action. It's just a storm so I don't see too much destruction just lots of rain at this point.
Maybe my whole life is going to change as the force of this storm blows thru and sweeps away the debris of the past to reveal fresh shiny wonderfulness!

Man do I need some sleep. There just isnt enough coffee in the world for me these days. Phew


Jenn said...

As I live in your old stomping grounds in Virginia--I'll trust that will happen. Please don't wish too much destruction on us here......

Kay thanks bye.

:) Love ya.

val said...

I've been waiting for Tropical Strom Tammy to come. What's a strom? lol....just kiddin. You seem to be a very nice storm. Let me know if it turns into a hurricram. I'm stopping, I'm