Thursday, November 10, 2005

Keep the Change

If you bank at Bank of America let me give you a heads up on a new thing they are offering.
It's called keep the change.
You enroll your checking and debit card accounts and every time you buy something they will round it up to the next dollar and put the differene in your savings account. For the first 3 months you are in the program they will match the roll over 100%! After that they will match it by 5%.
So for example if you buy gas and it's 22.50 (I am so dreaming I know) they will round it up to 23.00 and put the .50 in your savings plus add .50 so they will deposit a dollar in to your account.
On any given day you could get almost $5.00 in your savings I am sure. In a month that could really add up.
So go check it out.
You can buy me a really nice Christmas gift with all the money you save.

Remember if you want to participate in the holiday card exchange email me your address and I''ll give you mine.

Have a happy Thursday.

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ザイツェヴ said...

My Patelco card has a 1% rebate. For gas it loses, at 22c against your 50c example. But at anything above $50 it breaks even. It comes down to the purchase mix.