Saturday, November 19, 2005


Some commericals of late are cracking me up. The new Jack in The Box one with Jack not having his wallet and the Jack employee not knowin who he is really speaks volumes about SOME employees I have encountered at some fast food places.
Who were we talking about?
We get sayings in our house from just everywhere and we use them. For example Liz's daughter use to say "I cant know" when she was like 3 and it cracked me up. So now we say " I cant know" instead of "I dont know"
There is a cartoon with this little girl who calls her mom "Lady" not mom and it drives the mom crazy and she keeps saying "I am mom not lady" and the little girls says "Ok Lady. I love you bbye" and sometimes we say that too. We have the double beast bomb when things are really great. From Jen Boom Boom Mendoza. We have "Right Arm" instead of right on from Paul.

I havent laughed like I laughed last night at work. Oh my. It was a bunch of fun and I cant even tell you why. It was lots of stuff and this and that and crazy busy and Josh being crazy.
I will say I am gonna crazy miss him. I will love him long time.

Have a good weekend kiddos. Be safe out there.

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Jenn said...

I needed that little LOL from right arm instead of right on. You need those laugh out loud moments that hit you way out of the blue. Thanks for sharing. too funny.

Off to the land of a bath. Life is exhausting ya know?

right arm!