Friday, December 23, 2005

All you HAD to do was was take it

You may recall we had an incident with our neighbor on New Years Eve last year. Dominic went over on New Years Day and apologized and the said neighbor acted like an ass and did not accept it and it's been strained ever since.
The other night our other neighbor had his music very loud on a Sunday night. It was 10 pm and we could hear it perfectly here in our house! Dominic went over and asked his son if they could turn the music down came home and then it began. The man was out in the front yard (his front yard, not ours) yelling about it being his house and he could play his music as loud as he wanted and saying F words and what not. Dominic thought he might come to the door and start something. It was tense. He didnt thankgoodness but he ranted for a good long while.
The next day as soon as Dominic got home from work the doorbell rang and it was the neighbor from the night before he said
"My brother I am here to apologize. I hope you can accept my deepest apology..." and with that Dominic said "Dont even worry about it, it's over and I appreciate you coming over and apologizing" Handshake, Merry Christmas and all was well.
If only the ASS next door had done that last year the New Year would not have started on such a sour note.
So this year is low key, this year we might even go to bed early. This year we might not even be at the house when midnight strikes. But I certainly hope that I will have no reason to apologize to a neighbor the next morning because he's not the kind of person to just accept and let it go.

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