Friday, December 23, 2005

The Mall....

I did it.
We went to Walmart to get shaving cream and razor blades. (Well now doesnt that sound odd?) We left with a very loud electronic fire truck and a power ranger and no razor blades no shaving cream. OY!
The boys got gift cards and were eager to spend them pronto. Done deal that's over.
SO Derek has wanted to make this picture at the mall forever so I said we could today and give it to Daddy for Christmas. The photo booth was FULL of flashy buttons and the electronic man says "center you face in the oval and push the BIG YELLOW BUTTON when you are ready" well all Joseph heard was PUSH THE BIG YELLOW BUTTON and he did. We got the strangest pictures you could ever imagine! So off we go to hot dog on a stick. 2 hot dog's 2 lemonades $10.00 SWEET JESUS AND MARY!!! The boys got sick from the batter. They
took one bite.
Then Derek said he would use his own money for him and his brother to ride the carousel. Oh how sweet is that? Oh he forgot his wallet. So $2.50 later I am about to blow chunk's on a ceramic horse!
But on the ride home Joseph was eating blue gum and making Derek lick his fingers and Christmas music was playing and there was giggling in the back seat and all felt really right in the world!

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