Monday, February 19, 2007

Baby Shower

I went to a baby shower for Dominic's cousins wife. His cousin lives in Washington and I have meet him a few times but never his wife until yesterday. Oh and by the way I wore a black sweater and for the most part was dressed just fine compared to others so it was all good. Dominic and his cousins took the kids to Dave and Busters and the wives went here. and had a very nice time. The food was so so good. I heard some wonderful stories about Dominic's cousins and families and hung out with all the little girls for the day. So nice. My boys played games with the boy cousins. All in all a good day.
We stopped by and saw my father in law who is doing much much better after his hospitalization in December then we went to Applebees for Dominic's birthday dinner.
I think he had a pretty nice birthday.
Today, the holiday is all about housework, yard work and homework. Then some lasagna for dinner.
What did you do with the long weekend?

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