Thursday, February 22, 2007


Today is one of those days that I want to just keep the boys home and snuggle. Read books. Watch movies. But alas it was the Spell A Thon for Derek and he was anxious to show his friends his braces and I have tons of laundry and homework to do so the boys are off to school. Maybe Saturday will be a rainy stay at home day.

Random dumbass ness...

Yesterday was trash day. Dominic is always on top of that and I have no clue what goes out when I have enough stuff to keep track of. So he put the yard waste out and pulled weeds frantically all weekend to fill up the tote. Well yesterday was recycle day. He's never got the days mixed up before and our recycle bin is always really full each week. I don't think we'll make it till next week.

My turn. I ordered new print cartridges for our printer because we have a Dell and you cant just go buy them at Staples. So they finally arrive and the black one just wont print. It was really making me crazy. So I am laying there last night tossing turning not able to sleep when it occurred to me that I did not remove the protective sticker from the cartridge before I installed it. What a dork I am.

Are you having a dork week too? I am glad it's almost over.


val said...

Because of the holiday, it did not occur to us to put out the trash. Next week's is going to be pretty dang full.

ザイツェヴ said...

Tammy, tell him to read my blog - follow the link though the profile. :-) There's always a reminder posted there. You'll have to reverse it if you live on the East side, but that should be easy, right?