Thursday, April 05, 2007


If you've never read Dooce before I encourage you to check her out. But be forewarned she has a pretty weird sense of humor that took me a bit to catch on.
But she's happy today and for her that is a pretty big thing to tell the world and even though I am sitting her in my own pile of unhappiness I had to crack a smile that she was finally able to declare she was in a good place.
So spread the joy today even if it isn't your own. It's Holy Thursday and even though it wasn't exactly a joyous day looking back I guess it was leading to something bigger and that is all that any of us can ever hope for.


St. Amy Jane said...

yeah i'm looking for happiness. It seems every time I spot it it ducks back around the corner.

I'm gonna take more of a look at that web site later.

i wanna check yous out. Thanks for linking me!

val said...

I really needed to hear the last line of your blog today. I worry so much about things, that I forget it's really all in God's hands anyway. Thanks Tam.