Thursday, May 24, 2007


How can there be children in this world, in this country, in this state, without enough to eat gong to school hungry and yet someone feels that this is a good idea and people will buy this? I

It's an ice pack for you child's car seat to cool it off before you place the child in the car seat. I think this is ridiculous. If you want to spend the $32.30 for you little darlings ASS and spend the rest of your life catering to them that's your business. But stop for a moment and maybe help out a family or child in your community. $32 could be milk for that family for a month or a decent bag of groceries or help them with a bill or buy gas for a struggle college student to get to class and work. That is the same family the same college student the same 20 something just trying to get by while they figure life out that makes your coffee at Starbucks, makes your hamburger at McDonalds, washes your car for you, does your dry cleaning, paints your nails, changes your oil, mows your lawn, cleans your house, might even work at the daycare you take your child to.

Maybe it's just me but I think this is a ridiculous item.

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Shauna said...

I just do with the last one what I did with the first two: "I'll turn on the AC and you'll be fine in a minute". They are 12 and 9 and they still buy it. And it doesn't cost $$$.