Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stringing me along.

Joseph has been going to therapy every Wednesday since January 2005. One of his very first goals was to string beads onto a string. A bilateral skill. Hard to do with just one had you really have to use both hands.

We haven't tested him on this in awhile but we have a clinic coming up so his therapist brought the beads out. We really,honeslty, weren't thinking he would be able to do it. We really anticipated that once again it would have to be written as a goal. But he surprised us and he did it. He strung 8 beads on a string. It always makes my eyes water when he does things like this. Almost 2 and half years and finally FINALLY he did it.

It's enough for me today I wont ask for anything more. How could you dare to.

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Jenn said...

For the right here and now Tammy, you couldn't absolutely couldn't ask for one single thing more. You guys are so blessed in so many ways; Joseph and his wonderful accomplishments are the icing on the cake. Good job Joseph!