Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get The Balance Right.

Today I am going to the gym (that my hubby signed me up for because he's good like that) to meet with a trainer. While I am excited boy am I nervous. I have not been in a gym in over 13 years. Yeah really. Things have changed in the ole sweat shop of this I have no doubt. But my gym doesn't smell like a gym and that I like very very much. Today marks a day of change.
But... tonight at Baskin Robbins the home of 31 wonderful flavors of ice cream you can go and get yourself a scoop of ice cream any flavor you want for just 31 cents! WOW. Plus BR is donating all proceeds tonight to the Fallen Firefighter Fund which is such a wonderful organization.
Oh and be extra nice to your scooper's ok they will work hard tonight. Make sure you give one scooper named Carrie extra smiles and thank you's (she's my cousin and I so feel for her working tonight, YIKES)
So go have a nice work out and then go get a nice scoop of ice cream it's all about the balance right?

(can anyone tell me what son my title is from? it's an oldy)


Anonymous said...

spell check??

Shauna said...

Artist: Depeche Mode
Song: Get the balance right
Album: (I have it on)The Singles 81>85

5 stars on my ipod