Wednesday, May 16, 2007


No vacation this year Derek and I are in summer school. What.A.Major.Bummer.
So, lay it down, let me know where you going I want to be green with envy. Where you going?


Jenn said...

Big Family Reunion in DC this summer that we are planning. Oooh Aaaah. I know you are so jealous. ;) But there ARE some good museums I want to explore that I have not had the chance to, oh, and the White House Tour as well.....I know you are so totally dying and wish you were going with me......but I do get to see my cousin who I have not seen in a million years. That'll rock. DC here we come. Yeehaw. :)

Tammy said...

LOL You're going to have a great time you know you are. I do wish I was coming along belly laughs by the dozen I am sure.

Shauna said...

Adam, Jake and I are doing 8 states in 6 weeks. Up the Cali coast, up the Oregon coast, across the top of Oregon to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, up to Crystyl's house in WA, Through the top of Idaho to Glacier National Park in Montana, down to Yellowstone in Wyoming, down to see the kids in Utah, across Nevada to come home. We leave on June 4 and come home July 11. We are going with friends who have an evil 4 year old, so we'll see if a)we stay married and b)we stay friends with the other people.

val said...

It's been 3 yrs, but I get to see Jimmy in a few weeks. We are staying at an Inn on the Lake in WA. So excited. When we get back on Sunday, Chris's sister Shelley will be here and we are going to Great America, SF probably, and it is looking like I will be surfing too!!! Living out a dream. In September we are going to Disneyland, and that same week, I think me and Chris are flying to Virginia for his 20 year reunion. I'm already having plane crashing nightmare's.
I will have you guys over to swim & barbecue a lot, so there will be all kinds of summer fun.

Anonymous said...

Tony and I are going to visit his sister in SoCal for 3 or 4 days in June. We leave the day after Whitney's shower (I'll so need vaca by then!). We're gonna do Universal Studios, Medieval Times and hopefully a show taping! :)