Friday, June 29, 2007


The other night while I was at class Dominic took the boys to the park on the other side of town. Dr Powers Park for locals.
They played on the playground for a bit then headed over to the skate park area. On their way back to the playground Derek noticed what looked like smoke over by a tree in the park. They went over to check it out and found it was a very small fire set in some pine needles. They stomped it out and thought it was odd but isolated and moved on back to the car. On the way they found another smoldering area and this time another dad and his son saw it too and together they all stomped it out. It was pretty windy so everyone agreed it must have been perhaps a cigarette blown from some place.

Today I find in the Tracy Press a serious of small fires was set in that area not only in the park but also in a nearby field and on some lawns. Very odd in deed. I guess watching Tahoe burn inspired someone. Stupid people.

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