Wednesday, June 27, 2007

POOP on a slide

Derek has a weak stomach. He gets easily grossed out. Poor thing.
He's in love with swimming this summer and we have been either at the gym pool or a neighbors pool almost everyday in the past two weeks. We are a pretty tan bunch.
Today we headed to the gym for some swimming, Joseph is sticking his face in the water and going down the kiddie slide by himself which is very cool indeed.
Today Derek went down the bigger kid slide a few times (he's been known go down that slide 20 times in a row with out stopping) and then I see him with his towel heading toward me he says " I am done" and I knew something was up.
"Mom" he said "Someone pooped on the slide" he said his eyes all bugged out!
"Mom I almost stepped in it and then I almost threw up in the pool" and he does a big of a gag just thinking about it again.
I am in shock.
"Who pooped?" I asked
"THAT KID" and I see the kid and his mom over by the slide with a lifeguard and a water hose spraying off the steps. Sigh.
Mind you this was not a little kid this was maybe a first grader not a toddler.
So we packed up and headed home and Derek is in the shower.
Public pools you gotta love'em.

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