Monday, June 25, 2007


Ok Saturday my aunts held a lovely shower for my cousins fiance. It went really well. When things were coming to a close I had to dash off to Modesto to attend a family function for Dominic's side of the family. He had taken the boys while I was at the shower and we planned to meet up later. It was a good plan and I think it worked out well. They had a nice band, a big cake and lots of people I didnt even know. At one point my sister in law asked us to bring our niece and nephew home with us so she could have a break from taking care of them (ahem. They are 12 and 13 so not toddlers here but she needed a break...whatever!) so I am sure she was able to visit without making sure they weren't drowning in the pool or falling into the pool, or being chased by the dog or banging on the drum set in the house, I am sure she had her hands full with the 12 and 13 year old all day...but I digress.
So Dom loaded up the kids in his car and I had the other car (remember I drove over by myself later) and we headed back to town.
We were merging off of 120 towards I-5 just by the Mossdale bridge and I see a tire flying through the air right in my direction. I guess it came off of someones trailer or truck while they were on I-5, while I was still on the connector ramp from 120. I slammed on my breaks and headed toward the shoulder and just sort of waited for the tire to make contact with my car.
It didn't thank god but it certainly scared me. I had to stay on the side of the road for a bit and compose myself. The kids in the car with Dom behind me sure enjoyed the show of the tire flying the air.

The niece and nephew stayed for a few hours, Derek got the stomach bug and threw up, Joseph got a crazy second wind and was crazy baby while Dominic and I were zombie's from the crazy busy day. Derek passed out from the 6 hours of swimming he did at the party while his cousins were still here, but Dom and Joseph and I were up till about 1 am.

Sunday Dom cleaned the kitchen and I did huge amounts of homework. Summer school is for the birds.
Today Dom is working overtime and the boys are fighting every 5 minutes about this or that.

That was the weekend for ya. How was yours?

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