Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Rays of Sunshine Please.

I try to do the right thing. I really do. My husband is the most honest person I know. He thinks of other's happiness well beyond his own.
I want to live in a fair and just world. I want to live with out lies and deceit and talking behind each others backs or right in front of their faces. I want humble, honest people around me. I am tired of the recent string of bad luck we have had.
I want good things. Good news. Happy news. A swing in the luck.

I want adults to act like adults especially in front of children. I want acts of kindness all around not just when the mood strikes you.

Recent events I swear to you in last 48 hours have brought to my knees once more. I will never know why. I will never see the "everything happens for a reason" in these events, or maybe I will and it will be years later but I serisouly doubt that anything good can come of it.

They are not my stories to tell. Honestly I could not even begin to tell you.

A dear friend is facing life changing days.
A dear friend escapes a horrible car accident and walks away but just barely.
A child falls into a pool and seriosuly hurts himself on a nice summer July afternoon. Words like "His skull is cracked, his back is injured" written.

And then I head to the toy store and I witness this.

A mother walking in the toy store calling her child a little shit.
A mother yelling "Just pick something!"

Yes it's hot yes were irritable. But I hardly think these children did anything wrong at all.

We need some good news. We need happy news please, I will be under the bed waiting for some if you have any to pass along. Thanks.

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