Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh Seven Oh Seven Oh Seven

Been spending the day watching the Live Earth concert with the boys. Is it me or has Melissa Ethridge turned into the female Bruce Springsteen? phew.
For the most part it's been pretty good. Duran Duran was on way too early in the morning and I thought they did a great job but that lots of people would miss it.
Foo Fighters were good. Why wasn't there more Country Acts? It seemed very white bread or was it just me?

Go check out the new seven wonders of the world. Pretty interesting I guess.

Yesterday was a bad day for me and the boys. Just one thing after an other kept happening to us. I lost $20. It slipped out of my pocket or purse I dont know it's just gone. My mother said "Just hope that whoever found it needed it more than you" Ok I am fine with that I guess.
I just have sort of slipped into a funk about life in general.

My mother told me this afternoon that my uncle has passed. He lived in Washington and we never saw him much but when we did he was such a funny guy. Never what I would call close by any means just another passing makes me sad and the fact that it upsets and saddens my grandmother makes me blue. I take comfort in the fact that Uncle Don and Uncle Beesie are probably already playing cards and arguing up in heaven of that I have no doubt.

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