Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hope is a thing ...with a big price tag.

We went to bed thinking we had found a pet, a puppy for the boys. Seemed a bit excited, thinking about names. I was getting excited my apprehension was melting.

I wake this morning to an email from the breeder, all is well two left call to set up an appointment to put your deposit down on the one we want. Price tag for said poochie? $1300.

My hopes dashed to the ground with a thud. That is one months rent. That is not happening for a dog. I believe in my heart the best dogs in the world are the free ones. I don't think my folks ever paid for any of the dogs we ever had and they were wonderful mutts.

We swing about between Beagles and Carin Terriers to whatever the pound has (even those dogs are $175-$225) Derek doesn't care what kind it is really. I just want an affordable good dog for the family.

So we keep searching and Derek keeps waiting. I know the right dog will come along.

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