Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swim Baby

Well the swimming is going well. I can easily do 25 laps although I prefer and usually do only 20. But I was talking to a classmate last night and she swims 1 mile every night. That is 70 laps. It takes her an hour.
So my goal is to finish the class with the ability to easily swim 1 mile.
The hardest part for me is counting the darn laps. One of these babies would help. It fits on your finger how cool is that? I'll think of something and just keep swimmin.

I ordered my dress for the big wedding today. Ordered it online which is always tricky so I hope the size I got fits and it's sleeveless so I want these arms to be in good shape. They are coming along but they need more work.
Joseph has a cold I think he just shared with his momma (he's good like that) so I think hitting the gym this week will be out. No need for him and I to share the cold with everyone at the gym plus he's crabby. But next week we will try to hit the gym and work on these arms.

Ok, back to the math.

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Anonymous said...

Yes go swim! Tone yourself and shed the extra yuk yuk! Swimming is the best, well next to trampoline! ;)

Good for you!

too lazy to type in my password etc so am typing all this to say I'm signing off as anonymous. Phew. The other would have been quicker but here I am! Lordy!