Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am the smartest knife in the drawer

Today we are going to Dom's cousin's little girls 3rd birthday party. A low key affair with a "Sip and Side" as Joseph calls it (Slip and Slide). The little girls name is Ryann. So I made the huge mistake of saying to Joseph... "Lets put your suit on so we can go to Ryann's party" I meant his swim suit for the girl cousin Ryann. He heard fancy suit for his boy cousin Ryan's wedding. It was a rough couple of moments till we got it all straightened out. The boy is dying to wear that suit I tell ya!

Do you get all weird when someone doesnt sign "Love" to an email? Like you sent an email and signed it "Love" and they sent a reply but did not sign "Love" and it made me feel a bit weird. Maybe I am just crazy.

Ok we're off. Have a great Saturday.

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