Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quick, fast and in a hurry

Busy does not even begin to describe life here in the trenches.
Car repairs they want done RIGHT NOW. New car seats must be purchased and case closed RIGHT NOW. Terms of repayment do not make me happy but no one asked me. They want our money now she can pay over six months. As long as she pays that is all that I ask. All I want for Christmast is the final payment thanks. The pit of my stomach tells me this is far from over. I will not sign off that it is over till all the money has been collected. I will add uninsured motorist to our coverage pronto.

If Dominic reminds me one more time that I have Algebra to fisnish I might throw something at him. (A pencil or something small. Don't really want to hurt him he's doing the right thing but dang it the right thing stinks most of the time)

We are off to Sacramento to see a new neurologist for Joseph. I am nervous. He's nervous. I always get nervous. The books and binders, reports and charets MRI, IEP bring it all. The names, the numbers who saw him when, how long, what did they say. It's all in that book, it's all in my head.

I brought him into this world... this way... and I will take care of him till the day I die. Of this it is very clear to me.
So I am off. With hope always have hope in my back pocket now I am off.

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