Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First day of school.

They both woke up very excited. Derek had a great day and we got the teacher we requested. Woo hoo. He has some old friends and some new friends in his class and he finds his new teacher is very computer savvy and "green" as in eco-friendly which Dominic really enjoys plus she's known me since I was little. Woo hoo.

Joseph was good when we dropped him off, same teacher, same friends all the same and then for some odd reason he just stared crying. He says "Today will be better" I hope so enven though yesterday wasn't all that bad.

So now that school is back in for the boys this stay at home is off and running again. Big plus my boys get out at almost the same time this year just 5 minutes apart instead of the 30 minutes apart from last year. I am really liking that indeed.

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