Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five

1. Favorite kind of pizza?

It changes but the tops are Round Table or Straw Hat. I honestly haven't met many pizza's I didn't like. I like all the toppings.

2. Favorite soda?
If you know me, I think you know this. Diet Coke.

3. Favorite Beer?
I am Dom's wife remember so we don't drink (we rarely drink) domestic beer. I am starting to like the imports. I like the Mexican beers. I don't drink beer all the much honestly.

4. Favorite snack at the movies?
Popcorn and cherry soda.

5. Favorite bed time snack?
The boys eat cereal. In fact that is when they will eat cereal. I like pop tarts and milk.

Ok I showed you mine... you show me yours.


Jenn said...

Favorite kind of pizza? Truly, pizza hut deep dish pepperoni. Not too picky; eh?

Favorite soda? Pepsi. Just a regular pepsi. BUT it's very sweet and I know I can just taste all the calories and sugar. I try to limit. I will absolutely eat it with popcorn. Like you Tamm, when I eat popcorn, it absolutely MUST be accompanied with soda (pepsi preferrably). (sigh)

Favorite Beer?'s a new one I've just been introduced to. I'm not really a beer girl but sometimes my days make that I need one. Here is is, drum roll please, Land Shark. Yep. It's a Jimmy Buffet beer. Hunt it down. Put a lime in it. Very tasty. I can drink about 3/4 of one. Gimme wine ANYDAY. :)

Favorite snack at movies: No candy. Nope. Just popcorn and pepsi. Ok fine, I'll take a coke if they don't sell pepsi. Dang it.

Favorite bed time snack? Really? You want to know this? You don't. You really don't. It's bad. Ok, ok, ok, here it is, chips and melted cheese with ranch or sour cream on top drizzled. I told ya. I get the look if I make it (and who wouldn't really good LORD that is bad for you) so I don't make it much but if it was just me and a movie at home on TV with no one around, that would be exactly what I'd be eatin.

So there you go. Now you know all my bad habits. Well....all but one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

1. Pizza, olive and mushroom,thick crust from Straw Hat 2. Soda, diet coke if any at all. 3. Beer, bud lite ice cold in an ice cold mug. 4.Would you believe I don't like popcorn. I would rather have a hot dog and diet coke with lots of ice. 5.Fruit, cereal, water with juice in it or nothing if I can be good!! Love, Aunt Sue