Thursday, August 02, 2007

I want to address the new light bulbs. Do you all use them? Do you like them? I am ready to make the switch and surprisingly my tree hugging, earth loving hubby is not.
I want to address children at weddings. Dr. Abby had a pretty good read on it the other day and I got an interesting email today regarding this. I have thoughts on this. But I am sure it will stir a huge pot of controversy I have no time for right now.

I want to address going to sleep at midnight and waking at 5:30 to do Algebra. Working on Algebra with 5 kids in the house who were so crabby yesterday lordy.
But I have no time.
Summer is school is almost over...

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val said...

Chris is light bulb man in our house and we have lots of the new ones. I personally don't like the light it gives off. I do like how long they last though.