Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In The News

There is a pretty good article in the Stockton Record today about a mom with a 21 year old disabled daughter. Good in that it was vague as heck as Record Articles tend to be. I have no idea what the real issue is that the mom has. I feel for her I do if she has some of the problems... the article left out... it wasnt real clear what he school district did or didnt do and since the mom removed her from the school how is the child to get the therapy she needed? It is provided for your child AT the school. Bottom line. If you feel they need to go above and beyond that you need to SHOW them just cause. (Please correct me if I am wrong on this but I am pretty sure I have that right)

It's difficult sometimes to find a good match. No one is ever going to take care of your kids as well as you do (unless your Britney Spears than just about anyone in the world could probably do a better job. And say what you want she needs to keep her and her kids asses at home for a bit and stop going to Vegas and Hawaii every other day and just let the kids grow up. I am done....)
Anyway, I agree with the mom in the article that sometimes it is difficult to naviagte the maze of red tape you often have to go thru with specialist and educators, school districts, insurance and what not. I have not even begun to think of what life will be like for Joseph when he is older and has to deal with Cerebral Palsy staring back at him on insurance forms. God forbid he ever have to apply for private insurance they will drop him before the application for enrollment envelope is even fully opened. Yes it happened to us.
Anyway, read the article if you want and then you decide.
Sometimes the school district's and the board of education get hit pretty hard and I think they do a pretty decent job and I think sometimes parents want heaven and earth for their kids (who doesnt?) but you have to resonable. Not saying this mom is not being resonable.

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