Friday, August 17, 2007


Oh man I have lost my mind.
I'll admit I was late to the High School Musical thing. Very late. But I get it now. Lordy do I get it. So today Joseph and I hung out and watched High School Musical with breathless anticipation of tonights showing of High School Musical 2 (insert teenage scream here!)
Oh yes in my day we had what Michale J Fox, Sean Penn, George Michael, Boy George (good grief is that what we had to pick from?) and these girls oh now they get Zach Efron and Corbin Bleu Gee whiz.

It's a pretty sweet musical nothing to risky my boys can watch it, the songs get stuck in my head for days. Joseph then has to sing and dance and play basketball but it's ok. So break out the pizza and some warm delicious brownies and pretend your 14 again. It'll be fun.

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val said...

Me and Amanda watched last night and LOVED it! It was better than the first one. LOVED it!