Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am getting O L D

Do you know that aproximately 7:54 pm the phone rang just moments before the beginning of High School Muscial 2? I so did not want to answer the phone. But it was my mother in law so my husband gabbed and I wanted to shh's him!

Honestly after seeing it just one time... I didnt like it that much. I enjoyed the first one a lot more. But I am sure after I watch it a few more times I'll come around. Some of the songs got stuck in my head and I was singing them before the night was over. It had a lot of singing in it way more than the first.

They hype I cant take it. Today I am suffering the after the hype hangover once more. Last weekend it was the day after the wedding hangover. I am getting too old for this much excitment.

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