Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Shauna

I have known Shauna since middle school. That's a long time.
I was thinking of her birthday party that she had the year before high school started. Before my evil orthodontist put my headgear on. She had cut her hair in a really funky 80's do and had an awesome party with dancing and a mix of boys and girls (first time that had ever happened in our group!)
I had the best time.
She's had some major ups and downs in her life and even recently her family just walked away from a horrible car accident. But I am hoping a new job will put her life back into the good swing. She deserves it.
Love ya (she's the one in the blue dress in the pic above)
Happy Birthday

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Shauna said...

Funny, I don't remember that party. But then I have tried to block out most of my youth.
And I need to find you a new high school pic-that one...ugh.
Thanks for remembering-in our old age, it is just not the celebration it used to be. Dammit, Im sober.
Love ya too!