Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Puffy Heart Mondays

Ahh Monday where are ya?
Monday the boys go back to school. I will no longer have 4 little boys in my house, running about, spilling things, crying, fighting and bugging me.
Monday's are my husbands day off so usually on Mondays he and I get to enjoy some peace and quiet. Until he changes jobs and will no longer have Mondays off then it all changes but if I get a Monday or two I am going to enjoy them to the fullest.

I am trying to really be in the moment. On Saturday I am going to be in every single moment so the day will last the day we have waited oh so long for the big wedding. My boys in fancy clothes. My hubby all dressed up. Me in a dress. My family all together. I am going to take each moment and be in it. But right now, Lordy right now this day could be over and I would be 100% ok with that. phew.

Right now they are all playing with my old Barbies. It was suppose to be a form of punishment but they are enjoying it way too much. My plan backfired. But they aren't fighting so I am fine with that.

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