Friday, August 31, 2007

I will remember you.

These days girls dont get many real life Princess stories. They get Paris and Lindsey and Britney and what kind of role models are those? When you see stories of mothers like Britney, Angie and Denis in the news it makes you sad for the kids having mothers like that.

I remember watching Princess Diana getting married with that dress...oh that dress. It was a real life fairy tale. I was very pregnant with Derek and it was just days away from my due date and I was hot and miserable. Dominic and I stayed up late playing games and watching movies when we turned the news on before going to bed to find that there had been a car accident. I went to bed sad but thinking she would be fine. The next morning I woke to find the headline read that she had died.
She is the example of what all mothers should be. Even how she handled her divorice showed how much class she had.
We dont get many fairy tales to believe in any more so I'll hang on to this one.

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