Friday, August 24, 2007

What the heck?

The "wife" next door is moving and edging the lawn? The lawns and cars is so the "hubby's" job over there but today she is home from work mowing the lawn. I find that just so odd. I have mowed the lawn a few times I'll admit and the wife across the street mows the lawn ALL the time. I dont think I have ever seen the husband mow the lawn. It feels like something is up that she is mowing the lawn. Did she get a new purse? Does she want something? Or could be she's lost her mind.


Anonymous said...

Tammy.........did you ever think she met like to be outside doing yard work. Your Anut suzanne does. But then I do all the cooking and House cleaning till I got a house keeper. Today they is not a man job or woman job around the house. This is 2007 as my three daughters keep tellling me. Uncle Phil

ザイツェヴ said...

Uncle Phil misses the point. The lady in question does not habitually engage into this activity. This is why the occurence is noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

Has your man ever washed dishes or done laundry?
Hope the neighbors didn't see.