Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Gotta Have Friends

I have lived in Tracy all of my life. The military took me here and there a few times but I always came back.
I have friends that I have known all of my life.
As Tracy has grown and changed I have added new friends I am grateful for that always know just what I need.

When times are rough and bumpy the love and support of your friends is what gets you through. If it's a nice flower arrangement sitting on you mom's kitchen table from her friends that brightens your day. (Thank you Mr. Chen) A loving email to remind you that Grandma's are special and she'll always be with you (Thank you John) a nice note to say that maybe even the trains are sad today that Grandma's gone (Thanks Maurine) and calls and emails just to say "Do you need anything at all even just to cry" and you do (Thank you Buffie and Carla, Val and Jenn) A nice apple strudel from a dear neighbor (Thank you Mr and Mrs. Freitas)
If I missed thanking you forgive me it's hard to keep track of the wonderful kind words I have received this week.

So last night Derek got sick. It happens every September. His asthma flares up. The heat doesn't help, birthday excitement doesn't help, and recent events that have him confused about is adding to it.
I shall adjust and juggle and get thru it. I mean good Lord my grandma juggled 8 children how can I complain about having to juggle just 2?

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Anonymous said...

I would make you apple strudel if it would make the pain that I know you are feeling go away. (I don't know how to make it so you would be taking your life in your own hands. But I would try for you if you wanted me too :)