Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Final Days

Last night as I prepared my clothes for today and tomorrow... my grandmothers viewing and funeral it struck me that just a few weeks ago we were getting ready for a wedding. Now a funeral.
My mother and her siblings have been working hard on the details all the details. I have had idle hands and a sad heart.
My cousin posted this picture on her myspace and it took my breath away. My grandmother was just hanging on for that day and would not leave till it was over. When we would ask her if she was ready to leave she would ask if it was over and if we said not yet than she would say "well I am not leaving yet" because when that day was over, when that day ended her last day with all of her family near and around her she was going to let go.
My mom and aunt and uncles have thought of just about everything from her favorite color, to her love of angels, to placing a salt and pepper shaker which she collected in her casket. The small things. The little things, that will take your breath away.
I have said before that I long prepared myself for this but I was not ready. I wished yesterday that she could just live forever that we all could that we never had to say goodbye.
I will never forget her and I will always love her.

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