Thursday, September 20, 2007

$8.58 roughly

I have roughly $8.58 for the first person to come over and make me feel better.
Yesterday I felt better but was very tired but I was ok. Didn't do much of anything. Went to my class and as soon as I got home last nightI started to feel horrible again.
This morning I woke and felt just as bad as earlier in the week. What the heck is up with this? No sore throat. No runny nose. No cough and not even a headache just an achey feeling and very very tired. Just no energy.
They say it's a virus. They say take Tylenol and drink fluids. Been doing that still not 100%. Bah! Thought I was getting better but so was not! My dad has the same thing and he has another appointment with is doctor today I am waiting to see what his doctor (which also happens to be my doctor as weel) says.

On a totally differnt note..why does Rosie O Donnell type in her blog like she's a teenager text messaging to a friend? 2 U I say that U R all NUTZ are the kinds of things she writes... and she gets invited to be on Oprah. Goodness. Rosie I use to like you but now you're just too weird for me. We dig Ellen here. Derek likes to watch her and funny thing Joseph has a therapist that talks just like her. I tell her all the time "You sound just like Ellen" and if you close her eyes you think Ellen is in the room. Not just the sound of her voice even the remarks and quirkiness are the same. It's too fun.

Ok I am eating my chicken soup and tea, taken my tylenol and waiting for the good feelings to return.

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