Friday, September 21, 2007


Carlos is the man.
Wow! What a man.
He is inspiring. He is thought provoking. He has a great family. My kids and husband think he is the funniest thing ever.
Please dont even ask me how I stumbled upon him and his lovely wife and the wonderful stories they share about their lives, I don't know how it happened but they have given me moments of pause and reflection.

If you're not reading him (and chances are you're not) you must.

In a recent post Carlos ask if we're just chillin through life. Gettin lazy and fat? Fat in life? Boy. Slap me in the head.
My biggest fear is to look back at my life and see that I did not do all that I wanted or could have. That I let chances pass me by because of fear, because it might have been too hard or that I was worried about what others were going to say or think. I always say what I feel I am always pretty honest but sometimes when the honesty is given back to me I shrink away pretty pissed off. Working on that. Working on that.
Carlos says "Get off yo butt and shake up your life" indeed my friend. Indeed.

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