Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Derek got up this morning and let me tell you he is one grumpy guy in the morning. He huffed and he puffed and started in. "WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL" blah blah blah. I calmly (Dominic instructed me to be extra calm this morning) made him breakfast and pretty much ignored his grumpyness. I emailed his teacher about last weeks events and his weekend illness and got him out of PE. Put his booty in the car and was off.
Joseph woke just moments before I took Derek to school so I wasnt able to gauge how he was. We get home and he skips breakfast. Red Flag. Red Flag. I ask him how he is and he says "I fine. This stupid nose is all stuffy" and collpased for a hug. I tell him he is going to stay home with momma today and then... he started to cry. "I gonna miss my friends. And stations what about stations? Momma I wanna go to school"

Goodness where is that gosh darn easy button.

So they are both upset. One because he could not stay home and the other becasue I made him stay home. OY!

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