Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Tracy Press

Today marked the first day that the Tracy Press (our local newspaper) will be on a new delivery schedule. So no longer a 6 day a week paper now it will be 3 days a week. Yes I know the town is getting bigger and bigger and our paper is shrinking.
I wasn't sure if this morning marked the first day or not. I went out and checked the drive way several times and finally gave and up and figured that yes indeed today was it.
As I sat and drank my coffee and read my other paper (The Stockton Record in case you were wondering) I thought to myself. "Boy Grandma is not going to like that there isn't a paper today" Now I don't even know if my Grandmother was able to even read the paper the last few months with her eye sight but I think even if she wasn't able to read it she would have been mad that they made this change. I am too Grandma. I am too.

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